Joraform Africa has collaborated with the department of Rural Development to introduce an alternative Sanitation solution lead by the community itself.
Utilizing a waterless sanitation technology, Joraform Africa has been able to successfully close the loop by utilising sanitation waste for agriculture creating sustainable communities. The Joraform’s technology, in over 35 installations has been deployed in 6 Provinces across rural South Africa.
Decomposed faecal matter is collected on a monthly basis from households, and processed through Joraform’s unique composting technology for a further 4 weeks. The 4 week aerobic process/cycle produces a safe to handle mature, inoffensive compost-like material, which in turn has a few applications such as composting for farming. The end result is pathogen free, viable compost that can be utilised for agriculture. Communities are now able to grow their own crops, aiding in teaching residents of the various communities self-empowerment and the principle of Ubuntu.
Besides giving people dignity, the project further serves to assist local and National Government achieve the targets of the National Development Plan by creating jobs in rural areas that normally would prove difficult by the mainstream economy of South Africa, by employing janitors and operators for the composting machines from the very community Joraform services.