Corporate Social Responsibility

Our commitment to CSR is focussed around food sustainability. It is our belief that when our stomachs are full we can focus and learn better. As such, we were asked to participate in Hangberg Pre Primary’s learner feeding programme. This involved contributing to establishing a vegetable garden and raising funds for the supply of composters to produce their own compost to nourish the soil. The school wanted to enrich the children’s lives by introducing the learners to nutritious foods with new flavours, colours, and textures. Joraform’s contribution to this ongoing feeding programme is the supply of sawdust pellets for their Joraform composters. Today the school feeds over 100 children daily.

We often get asked “what can We do with all the compost?”. Well, why not donate it to a school so that they can have an ongoing supply of vegetables? You can make this part of your Corporate social responsibility and have a story to tell forever.

For more information on this special project, please watch our video clip below. This video shows you how Joraform can help you as a company establish a similar vegetable garden within your local community.