In a recent article Pickitup an officially integrated waste management service provider to the City of Joburg addresses, “unacceptable” levels of waste.

The waste volumes Worldwide, or more specifically, in South Africa are increasing rapidly. Both food waste and dry waste have an equal part to play. Waste management services are struggling to keep up with the copious amounts of waste, which results in a blockage of waste.

Pikitup services the entire 1 625 square km that is Johannesburg, collecting around 6000 tons of waste every day. This is equivalent to four titanic ships leaving Johannesburg filled with waste every month.

If the waste amounts continue to grow as fast as what they are currently, we may not have the luxury to have waste services that will pick up after us and continue to make our surroundings clean. We all need to step in as every single one of us has a part to play!