Ecoflush 10-10-5

For the environmental treatment of fat traps and all surfaces in contact with fats, oils and grease.

  • 100% non-toxic, non-hazardous and environmentally friendly
  • Fast acting
  • Cost effective
  • Replaces the need for outsourced plumbing services related to fog waste, its treatment and removal
  • Replaces other chemical based and harmful cleaning agents
  • Integrates into your daily cleaning routine to maintain a clean and odourless fat trap
  • Reduction in pest infestation
  • Ensure municipal compliance of effluent water discharge



Fat Traps are the first line of defence to prevent fats, oils and grease from entering our water waste management system and eventually the ocean. FOG waste is one of the most difficult pollutants to break down due to the hydrocarbons it consists of and can have the same detrimental effect as oil spills when entered into an ecosystem. It acts as a breeding ground for numerous known diseases, bacteria and viruses such, as e-coli. Conventional.

It is our environmental responsibility to look after the nature that surrounds our country. As such, politicians have introduced municipal by-laws regulating the maintenance of fat traps.

Premises and the Transport of Food (R.918/1999) corrected by Govt notice No 638 of 22 June 2018 specify that food premises must have a wastewater disposal system approved of by the local authority, and that the duties of a person in charge of food premises include ensuring that wastewater on the food premise is disposed of to the satisfaction of the local authority.

**Western Cape Provincial Wastewater By-Law: 1 Sep 2006. Section 3: Protection of Municipal Sewers

No person shall discharge, permit to enter or put into any municipal sewer

  • Any petrol, oil, greases, waxes, fat or pesticides, insecticides or paints
  • Any liquid that has a ph value of less than 5,5 or greater than 12
  • Ecoflush 10-10-5 is scientifically formulated using 100% natural microbes and minerals to form a bio-enzymatic blend which feeds on fats, oils and grease
  • When activated through contact with water, Ecoflush 10-10-5 breaks down the carbon chains in FOG waste, transforming them into non-harmful bacterial proteins and environmentally friendly soluble fatty acids.
  • The microbes remain active and compete with harmful pathogens and bacteria responsible for bad odours, disease and illness.
  • The result is a 90% reduction of FOG waste in your fat traps eliminating the need for outsourced removal of the fat trap content and cleaning of your drainage system.

Conventional fat trap maintenance relies on outsourced companies to pump out the fat trap and blast clean the drainage system. This must be done on a bi-weekly or monthly schedule to prove effective. In between the scheduled maintenance visits the fats, oils and grease washed into the drainage system collects not only in the fat trap, but also in the drains, causing blockages. Here it matures and acts as a breeding ground for bad pathogens, pests and bad odours, posing a health threat for staff and customers of the establishment. Companies that offer conventional cleaning services of fat traps and the related drainage system, collect the FOG waste pumped out and dump them in local landfills, where they continue to rot and strain the natural environment.

Ecoflush 10-10-5, given its scientific formulation using organic microbes that naturally break down carbon chain links, is the solution to eliminating FOG waste throughout your kitchen. Ecoflush 10-10-5 degrades any form of fats, oils and grease and turns them into soluble fatty acids and biological mud that carries nutrients, which can benefit any ecosystem it comes into contact with. The aerobic bacterial-enzymatic mix remains active as long as FOG waste exists for it to live off. While breaking down the FOG waste it also competes with bad pathogens that cause bad odour, disease and illness.

Used throughout your kitchen, Ecoflush 10-10-5 targets the build up of FOG waste at the source and over time will consistently maintain the entire drainage system, decreasing blockages and keeping your fat trap clean and non-harmful, eliminating the need for fat trap cleaning services as well as plumbing services due to FOG blockages in your drains.