Jora Composter JK 400

Jora Composter: JK 400

The Jora range of compost tumblers:
  • Offers an ecological revolution for composting cooked food waste.
  • Is easy to assemble and operate (DIY)
  • Is environmentally friendly with a “zero discharge” approach.
  • Is ideal for the use in households, apartment blocks and small restaurants.
  • The model number indicates the total capacity measured in litres i.e. JK400 tumbler has a capacity of 400ltr / 200 kg.
Enjoy experiencing the conversion of your food waste  into nutritious compost which you can use to fertilize lawns, vegetable gardens, potted plants, and flower beds.

Ideal for use in household, apartment blocks and small restaurants. Enjoy seeing the conversion of your kitchen waste into nutritious compost which you can use to fertilize lawns, potted plants, and flower beds. In a JORA composter it´s very easy to compost all your kitchen food waste including meat and fish.

The key to success is rotation
The JK400 is constructed to allow for easy, effortless and frequent rotation. Through rotation fresh food waste and composted food waste is mixed thus accelerating the composting process. Frequent rotation also ensures the further oxygenating of the compost which, in turn, further enhances and accelerates the composting and maturation process.

Optimum Heat and efficiency

The natural breakdown of food waste to compost generates heat. The micro-organisms that break down the food waste works at different temperatures. Our composters are well insulated and allow the temperatures to reach levels in excess of +75 degrees centigrade, making it ideal for breaking down of food waste. The high temperatures and frequent rotation ensure even heat distribution and maximum micro-organisms activity (aerobic process) in a short period of 6-8 weeks.

Two compartments for maximum results

The dual compartment design ensures the rapid decomposition of food waste and the maturation of the compost. It also allows for the effortless emptying.  Although cooked food waste is added every day, it will still mature (ready for use) within 6-8 weeks after the last batch was added.
For information on purchasing the JK400, please contact our sales team.